Launching Girlnalist

This semester, I had a few extra credits to fill, so I decided to take a Journalism and Entrepreneurship pilot class taught by three professors. I expected the class to mostly deal with the business of journalism and freelancing — it’s common knowledge that many journalists spend some time freelancing.

While we did talk about freelancing and self-employment, most of the class focused on building and learning entrepreneurship skills, learning about startups and the startup mentality, and the innovation loop. Our final project for the class was to create a startup or business idea and then pitch it to the class.

After a mock Google-style design sprint, a few of my classmates and I came up with the idea of Girlnalist — an online network of resources for women in media and journalism. We decided to use this idea as our final project. But the more we worked with it and thought about it, we realized that this idea could actually work and was something we really wanted to pursue. So we’re launching Girlnalist. I could tell you more about it, but I think I’ll let our pitch speak for itself. Check it out (Oh, and follow us on Twitter at @Girlnalist)!


Girlnalists from psucommedia on Vimeo.


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