Shipping Up to Boston

After graduation, I’ve been spending time at home while job hunting. This summer is actually the first since my freshman year of college that I’ve spent at home. So, after unpacking for the first time in four years, it’s been pretty great to spend some time with the family.

But, as I’ve said many times before, I love to travel. In addition to this being my first summer at home in three years, it’s the first summer I’ve had time to visit a lot of my friends. We’ve spread out across the country as college progressed, so I finally had a chance to visit their necks of the woods. A few weekends ago, I drove up to Boston to visit two very wonderful friends of mine who are students at Boston University.

Boston is a fantastic city, especially for college students and young adults. It’s a great combination of city life and history, two of my favorite things. And of course, I couldn’t resist some great photo opportunities while I was there.


This was taken from the 19th floor of StuVi2, which is one of the dorm buildings at BU. The 19th floor has floor-to-ceiling windows and panoramic views of Boston and the Charles River. In this picture, if you squint hard enough you can even see the State House in the background.

In the interest of full journalistic disclosure, this is actually an Instagram I posted over the weekend, so it does have a filter on it (I’m pretty sure I used Dogpatch). I love playing around with Instagram and using it as a social media tool. Some of my favorite classes in college were those where we discussed the use of Instagram and filters. Since this picture was for my personal account and not a journalistic piece, I figured I could get away with a filter or two for the weekend.

I had a great time in Boston (especially visiting the North End and the famous Mike’s Pastry for some cannolis), and I can’t wait for my next New England trip.


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