Another Day, another photo


I don’t know if this is a multimedia journalist thing or just a me thing, but I love taking pictures. My friends know that any time we go anywhere, I’ll probably be the one whipping my phone out to take the perfect picture and document the moment. I’d much rather have pictures than souvenirs.

This was from my recent spring break trip to Jupiter, Florida, a small town twenty minutes south of Palm Beach. During our time there, my friends and I checked out Square Grouper, a favorite bar/restaurant among the locals. Square Grouper is located on the bay and is almost entirely outdoors on the sand. When I took this picture, we were seated on the bay wall with our feet dangling over the water in our best impression of a Jimmy Buffett song while eating french fries.

This was taken with my iPhone, so the quality isn’t fantastic, but it was right around sunset, so there were a million different lighting opportunities. At the time I just snapped the picture, but looking back on it, I was pretty pleased with the composition of the shot, the lighting and the fact that I somehow managed to work the rule of thirds in.

Of all the places we visited while in Florida, this might be one of my favorites, and this is definitely one of my favorite shots, especially because of the good memories.


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